2012 American Catholic Press Benefit

The American Catholic Press (ACP) benefit  is held October 26, 2012, Friday evening.  The venue for this benefit is the Flossmoor Country Club in Flossmoor, Illinois. Driving Directions are available online.

The reception begins at 6 p.m. and dinner is at 7 p.m.

Front door of Flossmoor Country Club
Here is the front entrance to the main building of the Flossmoor Country Club.

The dinner begins with the hymn, Lord of All Life, followed by grace before meals. (This hymn is available in both the Leaflet Missal prayerbook and the American Catholic Hymnbook.)  With a choice of salmon and beef tenderloin (cooked just right), the cuisine is outstanding. Under the direction of Peggy Ziemba, catering and dining manager, the courses are served promptly and efficiently. This evening, the master of ceremonies is Thomas Planera, a local attorney.

The Gratiam Dei  ("grace of God") Award this year is being given to the Cleary family, for their generous support of ACP and their dedicated service to the churches and schools of the Chicago Archdiocese.  The firm of Jones & Cleary is recognized for its competent work and for its extensive philanthropy.  ACP  gives this Gratiam Dei Award, its highest honor, to Bill Cleary, Jr., his wife Loretta, their son, Bill Cleary III, and his wife June.  The Cleary family is at table number one, as is appropriate.

Also being honored is the nationally known Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life.  Father Pavone is given the Henry Hyde Award, for his valiant and sustained advocacy of the pro-life cause. In his acceptance speech, Father Pavone explains the good work of his organization, Priests for Life.  From beginning to end, this 38-minute address holds the attention of the assembly.  The speaker's arguments are convincing and persuasive.  At the conclusion of his talk, the people give Father Pavone a standing ovation and sing Ad Multos Annos ("May you live many years.")

After dinner and the award presentations, we welcome the Midwest Motet Society, founded and directed by Marie Grass Amenta.  This chamber choir, from Flossmoor, is recognized for its excellent reditions of classical compositions.  Today, we hear the compositions of William Byrd, Salamon Rossi, and Claudio  Monteverdi.  All three are Renaissance composers, in this case writing for smaller, four-part choirs.  Ben Amenta accompanies the singing on the grand piano.  Twenty years ago, one of the singers, Mark Downey, prepared several arrangements for choir, published by ACP and still available.  He is music director at Holy Family Church in Park Forest.  Some of these arrangements are Holy Father and River of Glory.

Raffle winners are Geraldine Burke and Marilyn DiPaulo.  The Silent Auction has numerous winners, who pick up their acquisitions as they leave.  Among the items auctioned are numerous gift certificates for local restaurants and The Art Corner, jewellery donated by Marshall Pierce, Inc., designer purses donated by Rosann Conroy, a beautiful Nativity canvas from the Sisters of St. Joseph,  a gift basket from Dr. Richard Mantoan, wood carvings from The Hollow Acorn,  and books from ACP Family Bookstore.  Among these books are a family Bible, an Advent calendar, a first Communion book, and Scalia Dissents. Joan Braden coordinates the auction; Ed Waymel collects the funds donated.  Chris Bern, Rosann Conroy, and Kathy Zagotta all help prepare the display and arrangements. At a special table, Mike Yukich and his daughter Kathleen distribute pro-life materials from Priests for Life.  Among these is Father Pavone's book, Ending Abortion, available online from ACP Family Bookstore.

The celebration this evening ends with a Litany of Peace and a final blessing, by Father Gilligan

Dennis Cortes and Tom Shenberger, standing
Standing are Dennis Cortes and Tom Shenberger.

Rosann Conroy
Rosann Conroy

Dr. Michael and Elizabeth Fagan

Father Pavone, speaking
After dinner, Father Pavone gave a riveting talk that held everyone's attention.

Midwest Motet Society
Midwest Motet Society, directed by Marie Amenta

Ben Amenta at the piano
Ben Amenta at the piano

Cleary Family
The Cleary Family, recipients of the 2012 Gratiam Dei Award.

Father Michael Gilligan, conferring the Henry Hyde Award on Father Frank Pavone
Father Michael Gilligan, conferring the Henry Hyde Award on Father Frank Pavone.

Father Pavone's publications, made available
Some of Father Pavone's publications, made available in the Berkshire room, during the Silent Auction.

Silent Auction table, 2012 benefit
Silent Auction table

Tom Planera, Master of Ceremonies
Attorney Tom Planera, Master of Ceremonies

Joe Schulte and Mrs. Getrude Bednarz
Joe Schulte and Mrs. Gertrude Bednarz. In April, 2012, Joe and his wife Terri (Mrs. Bednraz' daughter) donated a house to ACP.

Dr. Richard and Karen Mantoan
Dr. Richard and Karen Mantoan

Paul Preuss, new ACP board member
Paul Preuss, new ACP board memeber

Kathy Zagotta, June Cleary, and Chris Bern
Kathy Zagotta, June Cleary, Liz Fagan, and Chris Bern. Kathy and Chris are ACP board members.


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