Directions to the ACP Benefit Dinner at Flossmoor Country Club

1441 South Western, Flossmoor, Illinois 60422  

Telephone of the Club: (708) 799-4700

(If it had a number, Flossmoor Road would be 191st Street, in the grid system of the city of Chicago.  The club entrance is a half mile south of Flossmoor Road, a half mile north of Vollmer Road. If it had a number, Vollmer Road would be 199th Street.) 

Just south of Chicago, on Western Avenue, the Flossmoor Country Club hosts the benefit again this year.  A reception begins at 6 p.m.; dinner, at 7 p.m., when the chime sounds.

Here are directions to get to the Flossmoor Country Club.

From the western suburbs of Chicago, you go south on I-294, the Tri-State Tollway. After you pass the 147th Street interchange, get in the right lane and keep your eyes peeled for the next exit, on the right. After a short distance, you will see an exit sign for I-57, southbound. Take that exit. There is no hopper for cash and no cash lanes. You have to pay with I-Pass ($.75) or with a credit card, online, within the next month ($1.50). Go south on I-57 to Vollmer Road. Exit eastbound on Vollmer Road. Pass Cicero, the nearby major intersection. Continue on Vollmer.

If you are coming from the city of Chicago, south on the Dan Ryan Expressway, just after 95th, you can continue south to the right, on I- 57.  Continue to Vollmer Road, where you exit eastbound.  Continue on Vollmer to Western, where you turn left (north).  Flossmoor Country Club is on the right (east) side of Western, about half a mile north.

* * *

Another way to go is more direct but a bit more complex.  This is the route described in the photos on these pages.  

On the Dan Ryan, just after 95th, you turn left at the split and continue south (left) on the Bishop Ford Expressway. Ten minutes later, just after 159th, get over in the right lane. You soon exit westbound to the Tri-State Expressway, I-294, from the right lane. You then exit at Halsted (Route 1), in the right lane, passing through a toll booth, going straight, then immediately right in the cloverleaf, in order to go south. You continue on Halsted, south, to Ridge Road, 183rd, or 187th, as you wish. Go right (west) to Dixie Highway. Turn left (south) to Flossmoor Road. At the light, go right (west) on Flossmoor Road to Western. Turn left (south) on Western; proceed 2500 feet south. The entrance to Flossmoor Country Club is on the left as you go south.  That entrance is flanked with foliage; it's easy to miss.  Go slow.

Alternatively, if you are going south on the Tri-State Expressway (I-294), immediately after  159th, get over in the right lane; you will see a sign with the words "Dixie Highway" over on the right.  The sign will have an arrow, pointing down to the right lane.   You then stay in the right lane, slowing down as you continue east.  You will probably stop at Dixie Highway; then you turn RIGHT, that is, south.  Do not turn left.

You continue south on Dixie Highway, through the intersection with traffic lights, passing  Balagio's restaurant on the left.  You continue with Dixie Highway as it swerves a bit to the east.  As the street descends, you put on your left turn signal and make a left turn when Dixie Highway turns to the left, east, under the viaduct.  Immediately upon exiting the viaduct, you make a right turn, to the south, on Harwood.  Just continue south on Harwood, as it becomes Western.  After the intersection with Flossmoor Road, the entrance to Flossmoor Country Club is on the left, the east side of the street, about 2500 feet to the south. That entrance is flanked with foliage; it's easy to miss.  Go slow.

As You Enter Flossmoor Country Club

As you go up the drive, you will see a large parking lot to the left. Drive up to the front door of the building straight ahead and pull in.  As you see, this front doorway is well roofed, so that you can easily disembark, even in inclement weather.  

Here is your Mapquest map to the Flossmoor Country Club

 Mapquest.  There, you can even get street-by-street directions, to make your driving as easy as possible.

* * *

Here are some photos for your journey to the Flossmoor Country Club.

If you are coming from the western suburbs, from the Tri-State Expressway, southbound, follow the left column of photos.

If you are coming from Chicago, for example, from the Dan Ryan Expressway, the Bishop Ford, and the Tri-State, westbound, or from Indiana,  follow the right column, immediately below.

If you are driving south on I-294, the Tri-State Expressway, you will pass through a toll booth or an I-Pass lane at 159th.  Immediately, get over to the right lane.  The entire expressway system will turn now to the left, the east.  You must be in the right lane, in order to exit right away, southbound, to Dixie Highway.

Exit ramp I-294, eastbound
You are on your way to the Flossmoor Country Club. Here, from the right lane, you have exited I-294, the Tri-State Tollway, at Dixie Highway. You are now eastbound on the exit ramp.

Southbound on Bishop Ford Expressway (I-394)
You are driving south on the Bishop Ford Expressway, I-394. After ten minutes, you pass under a bridge at the 159th Street overpass. In the next few moments, you see as many as four sets of green signs. You want to get in the right lane and proceed to "294 North Tollway Wisconsin." You won't really be going north; the wording of the sign refers to the general direction of I-294. Actually, you will soon be going west, from the right lane.

Exit ramp from I-294, eastbound. near Dixie
You are approaching Dixie Highway, straight ahead. At the light, you will turn right, that is, south.

Westbound on Tri-State, I-294
You are now westbound on the Tri-State Expressway, I-294. You are in the right lane, approaching the toll booth just before Halsted. It would be convenient for you to be in the second lane from the right, the lane in the middle. The toll is 30 cents, if you are paying in cash and do not have a transponder.

Balagio's Restaurant at 175th & Dixie Highway
At 175th, on the left, on the southeast corner, you see Balagio's Restaurant. Go through the intersection and continue south, more or less, on Dixie Highway. The roadway curves a bit to the east.

Fork at Halsted
If you are in the lane second from the right, just continue straight ahead. You will now take the left fork, "Route 1 SOUTH: Halsted St Next Right."

Turn left under the viaduct.
After Balagio's Restaurant, you are still on Dixie Highway. Now, you are going down a slight incline. You slow down and signal a left turn. Up ahead, following the red truck, you turn left, in order to follow Dixie Highway, under the viaduct. You see a green sign, "Dixie Highway," with an arrow pointing to the left.

Exit to Halsted South
Now, from the right lane, you immediately take this exit, to get on Halsted, southbound. As part of the cloverleaf, your lane will curve to the right, 270 degrees.

Exiting the viaduct, immediately you turn right, south.
Exiting the viaduct, you immediately turn right, south, on Harwood Avenue.

Harwood will soon be transformed into Western Avenue; just stay on Harwood.

Approaching 183rd Street, South on Halsted
You are southbound now, on Halsted (Route 1), in the right lane. You are approaching 183rd Street, where you will turn right. Notice the White Castle to your right.

Ridge Road & Harwood
Southbound on Harwood, you intersect with Ridge Road in downtown Homewood. The Metra station is on your right. Continue south, straight ahead.

Eastbound on 183, approaching Western
Westbound on 183rd, you are now approaching Dixie Highway, where you will turn left, south.

Notice that on your right, at the northeast corner of the intersection, is a Family Video store.) To your left, on the southeast corner, is a bank. Turn left at the light.

Harwood, southbound, at 183rd
Southbound still on Harwood, you are in the middle lane. At 183rd, you see the Blueberry Hill Restaurant on the right. Continue through the intersection, straight ahead. After another half mile, at 187th, Harwood will become Western. You are only a few minutes away.

Left turn on Dixie Highway, from 183rd
Now, you are still on 183rd, about to make your left turn, from the left turn lane. You see the USBank on the southwest corner, just behind the left-turning SUV.


Southbound on Dixie Highway
You are southbound on Dixie Highway, in the right lane. You are now approaching Flossmoor Road, where you will turn right, west. Notice the white picket fence on the right.

Dixie Highway at intersection with Flossmoor Road
Here is the actual intersection with Flossmoor Road, with a traffic light. On the left is a driveway to the Idlewild Country Club. Ignore it. Turn right, that is, west, on Flossmoor Road.

Westbound on Flossmoor Road, approaching Western
You are now westbound on Flossmoor Road, in the left lane. The neighborhood is residential.

Up ahead is Western, where you will turn left.

Left Turn lane on Flossmoor Road, westbound, at Western
You are now in the left turn lane, westbound on Flossmoor Road. You are approaching the intersection with Western, where there is a traffic light and a protected left turn.

Arrival at intersection of Flossmoor Road and Western
You have reached the intersection with Western. Because of many trees and bushes, as you see, this street is easy to miss. Turn left, that is south.
Driveway to Golfview Manor
You have just come through the intersection with Flossmoor Road. Your destination, the Flossmoor Country Club, is 2500 feet south of this intersection.

However, on your left you notice first one driveway, then, another, to "Golfview Manor." Ignore both of these driveways and continue southbound on Western.

First view of entrance to Flossmoor Country Club
After passing both "Golfview Manor" driveways and a longer stretch of woods, on the left, you see the entrance to the Flossmoor Country Club.

Entrance on Western Avenue, to the Flossmoor Country Club
Yes, that's it. You now recognize the entrance to the Flossmoor Country Club. Turn east, into the driveway.

Front door of Flossmoor Country Club
Here is the front entrance to the main building of the Flossmoor Country Club.

Flossmoor Country Club
Here is a view of the golf course, looking north, from the main parking lot.


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