1998 American Catholic Press Benefit

This year, ACP confers its Gratiam Dei Award on the Honorable Henry Hyde, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  ACP does so because of Chairman Hyde's long-standing defense of the rights of unborn children, his consistent and articulate pro-life stance.  (See, for example, Henry Hyde's July statement on the partial-birth abortion ban act, leading to an override of the president's veto.)  Now, the 1998 Annual Benefit takes place October 2, at the beginning of a month dedicated to human life.

Take a look at our video on the 1998 ACP Benefit.
Henry Hyde receiving Gratiam Dei Award
Honorable Henry Hyde, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (left), here accepts the Gratiam Dei Award from Father Gilligan.

Henry Hyde arrives at Flossmoor Country Club
With the cooperation of Newt Gingrich, Speaker of the House, Chairman Hyde left Congress early for a special flight to O'Hare, where a driver was waiting. He arrived on time; however, once in the door, he was set upon by a number of reporters, each of whom wanted an interview. On the right, you can see Lauren Cohen of WBBM, Channel 2, with her cameraman.

Father John McDonnell, Supreme Court Justice Nickels & bishops
From the left are Father John McDonald, professor at Mundelein Seminary, Justice John Nickels of the Supreme Court, Cardinal Francis George of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, and Metropolitan Iakovos of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Chicago. The former said grace before meals, with some pro-life comments; the latter said grace after meals, with a blessing.

Father Pierre Barr and other priests
Fathers Pierre Barr, Michael Zaniolo, Marty Michniewicz, Ed Gleeson, and Ray Tillrock.

Doug & Heidi Cipriano
From the left are Helen Fanning, Doug & Heidi Cipriano, Mary & Bill Benton, and Connor Loesch, ACP board member. Connor recently made a presentation to United Parcel Service, on behalf of ACP, to obtain a grant.

Jack & Eileen Mahoney, with Honorable Ed Burke
Jack & Eileen Mahoney, with Honorable Ed Burke, alderman of the city of Chicago, Chair of the Finance Committee of the city council.

Pro-Life people from the Archdiocese of Chicago
Table 17 represented pro-life inviduals from the Archdiocese of Chicago. From the left are Doug Delaney, director of the Illinois Catholic Conference, with offices in both Springfield and Chicago. Seated, from the left, are Michael & Barbara FioRito, Kevin (their son), and Mary (Hallen) FioRito. Mary is the pro-life director for the Archdiocese of Chicago. She not only organized table 17 but also helped plan this 1998 ACP Benefit.

After dinner, Doug Delaney addresses those present, explaining the work of the Conference. Especially in the legislature, says Doug, the Conference lobbies for justice, for example, for the pro-life cause.

Elise Kabbes et al.
From the left are Cathy Ohs, Elise Kabbes, and Collette & Dr. Richard Wallyn.

Margaret Vieha, Hal Pritchard, Joe Russo, Joan & Bob Krop
From the left are Margaret Vieha, Hal Pritchard, Joe Russo, and Joan & Judge Bob Krop.

Archimandrite Demetri Kantzavelos and Neil Hartigan
At the head table are Archimandrite Demetri Kantzavelos and Neil Hartigan.

Father Kantzavelos is chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Chicago. (In 2006, he is ordained an auxiliary bishop of this diocese.) Neil Hartigan is President of the World Trade Center, former Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Illinois. Most important of all, he is the brother of David Hartigan, 1997 recipient of the Gratiam Dei Award.

Suburban Federal Savings People
Dan Ryan, Darlene & Pete Ruhl, Les Wolf, all of Suburban Federal Savings, with Dr. Ed Winter. This year, Suburban merged with Citizens Financial Services, F.S.B.

Sixth District
Table 13, like some others, had constituents from Chairman Hyde's own Sixth District.

In the foreground are John & Kendra Beechen; on the right is Mary Beth Beechen, John's Mother.

Above, in the background, are Ed Malover, Frances Fortier, Ruth & Willard Morse, and Marge & Larry Theriault. Frances is the director of pro-life work in the Diocese of Joliet. Both Will Morse and Larry Theriault are Knights of Columbus. Will is from Henry Hyde's own Elmhurst Council. Larry is pro-life director for the Knights in the State of Illinois; he is of the fourth degree in the Knights.

Mary Margaret Carberry & friends
From the left are Mary Margaret Carberry, Father Matt Hoffman, Susan Vorwerk, and Cathy Ohs, all of Infant Jesus of Prague Parish, Flossmoor.

Park Press Personnel: Don & Kristiana Woo, Dan & Donna Kallemeyn, and Arlo & Kallemeyn
From the left are Don & Christina Woo, Dan & Donna Kallemeyn, and Brenda & Arlo Kallemeyn. Dan has printed the ACP Leaflet Missal Prayerbook for the last three years. Don is a management representative. Arlo is the Publisher of The Shopper, a widely read newspaper in the southern suburbs of Chicago.

Russell and Betty Ann Hall Family
The Russell and Betty Ann Hall Family. Russ is on the left; Betty is seated. She is a pro-life advocate.

Rick Thiernau, Master of Ceremonies
Rick Thiernau, Master of Ceremonies

Musicians' Table
At the musicians' table, from the left, are Emmet & Elaine Cassidy, as well as Phyllis & Dr. David Dunagan.

Both above, in the background, and below, on the right, are the harpist Nancy Dunagan, and the flautist, Anna Belle O'Shea. Both musicians have taught students from St. Xavier's University. Recently, Anna Belle founded Flutes Unlimited with Martha Morris of St. Xavier's.

Harp and flute accompanied the singing of Lord of All Life and Ad Multos Annos.

Jim & Helen Silvia, with Nancy Dunagan and Anna Belle O'Shea
Jim & Helen Silvia, with Nancy Dunagan and Anna Belle O'Shea.

Jim is a CPA for Catholic Charities. Helen is the organist at St. Irenaeus Parish, Park Forest; over the years, she has done much editorial work for ACP. She has also served as coordinator of the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra.

St. James Hosptial
This table is sponsored by St. James Hospital of Chicago Heights. As the only Catholic hospital in Illinois in the southern suburbs of Chicago, St. James is a uniquely pro-life institution.

From the left are Peter Murphy, president, Susan Rossi, Sister Julietta of St. James Manor, Father Ron Kondziolka and Sister Ruth Luthman, both of St. James Hospital. Then you see Cary & Vicki Newell, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sager of Illinois Right to Life. Newell Concrete Contractors, Inc., owned by Cary and Vicki, was one of the sponsors for this 1998 Benefit.

Henry Hyde arrives at Flossmoor Country Club
Here, Joan Termini escorts Henry Hyde into the Ogilve Room at the ACP 1998 Benefit. On the left, Jim & Joan Braden are taking photos. On the right, in the red dress, Pat Thompson is applauding. In the center, seated, is Nalene Termini. In the lower left hand corner is Mrs. Fred Sager.


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