1996 American Catholic Press Benefit

This year, the benefit committee decides to hold the annual dinner at Sgt. Means Park, in Olympia Fields.  This location is thought to be especially convenient for people in the neighborhood; it is also an unusual and interesting site, a former farmstead.

After dinner, the Master of Ceremonies is John Beale, who has many friends in the world of sports. Now, entertainment involves the popular sportscaster, Bill Gleason, who is seen regularly on cable TV, here present in person.  In addition, Molly and the Tinker (Brian and Diane Leo) play Irish music, ultimately with animated volunteers from the audience.  Bill Gleason, Pat Cummins, and others are recruited as volunteers.

John Havey and family
From the left are John Havey, his mother, Helen, Kate, and Don Havey. John, Kate, and Don worked to make this benefit dinner a success.

Heidi and Doug Cipriano
From the left are Bob Davidson, Heidi & Doug Cipriano, Rick Warman, and Terry Ryan.

Freeman Family
Robert, Maderia, Arlene, and Alec Freeman, 19 months old.

Loraine Collins
From the left are Loraine Collins, Eileen Mahoney, Joseph & Joan Termini.

Molly and the Tinker
Molly and the Tinker, with daughter Amanda. This year, 1996, Molly and the Tinker play after dinner, not before, so more people can enjoy their music.

Father George Clements
Father George Clements, former pastor of Holy Angels in Chicago. He formed the "One Church-One Child" program and himself adopted four children.

Father John Calicott
From the left are Ed Walsh, ACP's accountant, Father John Calicott, recipient of the 1996 Gratiam Dei Award, and Father Howard Tuite, former pastor of St. Leo's and St. Felicitas.

Romanovich Family
From the left are Tony Romanovich, Helen & Harold Simpson, and Linda & Joe Koselke. Linda is Tony's sister. He is an ACP director.

Ryan Family
From the left are Noreen Donovan, Suzanne & Dan Ryan, Pete & Darlene Ruhl. Noreen is Dan's sister. He is a director of ACP.

Sam & Connor
From the left are Helen Calhoun, Vince & Sam Argento, Connor & Anne Loesch, Jerry & Eileen Murphy, and Chuck Calhoun. Sam and Connor are ACP directors.

Jack and Eileen Mahoney
Jack and Eileen Mahoney

Bill Gleason et al.
Molly and the Tinker, John Beale, Bill Gleason, and Pat Cummins.


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