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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)






Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you find a favorite book I want?

  • We will do our best for you. At [email protected], e-mail us the exact title of the book, the full name of the author, and-if you know it-the publisher. The publication date can also be helpful. We will then search for the book you want and let you know what we find. You are under no obligation of any kind until you actually place your order for the book. There is no charge for this service.

  • Before you contact us in this way, visit our online bookstore at There, you have access to over a million books, on every possible topic. This online resource is more complete and more accessible than any brick-and-mortar store, anywhere.

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2. Can you find a favorite song?

  • Ah, that's a more difficult question. As before, we will do our best for you. With our extensive resources in music, hymnals, and church related resources, ACP can probably help you. We can even do research in French, German, Italian, Latin, and Polish.

  • Here's what to do. Just mail us the information needed: the full, exact name of the song, any alternate titles you know of, the full name of the composer and/or lyricist, and any publisher you know of. Please enclose your full name and address, with your zip code, as well as a check for $25 to cover our research costs. [Note that we can't send you a copy of a song with a valid copyright; instead, we will send you a book with that song.]

  • If you would like us to fax you a copy of the song, please enclose your fax number. If you would like us to e-mail the song to you, please enclose your e-mail address.

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3. If you don't find the song, do I get my payment back?

  • Although we will work hard for you and although we do have extensive resources, we may not always succeed. The research involved in answering your request involves work whose expense is covered by your payment. To sustain the ministry of ACP, we have to take care of costs that are incurred, including research. However, be assured that we will do the best job we can. Most of the time, we do succeed, especially for songs published in the U.S.

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4. How can I find information on how to promote my manuscript, book, or music?

  • Go directly to to order the books you need.

  • You can use the search engine at the top of the page to find books in such categories as "self-publishing" or "music publishing" or "marketing." Just type in the category you have in mind and click on the "Go" button.

  • Follow the instructions on screen to complete your order. You can pay conveniently with your credit card.

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5. How do I submit my original composition to you?

  • Please note that, in general, publishers may not return unsolicited material. With regard to ACP, please note that we only publish material on the liturgy; fiction, poetry, and inspirational works will not be accepted.

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6. Are you the Leaflet Missal Company?

  • No, American Catholic Press (ACP) is not the Leaflet Missal Company. We do indeed publish the Leaflet Missal® prayerbook and related publications. However, the "Leaflet Missal Company" is a religious goods store in St. Paul, Minnesota; they provide statues, rosaries, etc.

  • To get to their website, go back to the ACP home page, click on the red button "Liturgy Links," then on "Leaflet Missal Company."

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7. What is ACP?

  • American Catholic Press (ACP) is a not-for-profit organization of the State of Illinois, founded in 1967. Its purpose is to promote the good of the liturgy, liturgical renewal, and instruction in the liturgy, including publications, research, and teaching. Like churches, schools, and many hospitals, ACP is a 501 (c) 3 organization; it depends on support of the general public to sustain its ministry. Please get in touch with us, say, by email: [email protected]

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8. Does your search engine on the ACP home page cover all your sites?

  • As you probably have noticed, the ACP home site links to several affiliate sites, each of which has its own search engine. The search engine on the ACP home page provides a complete search of the home site and only a sampling of the other sites. This main search engine is provided as a service, to give you an overview of all the sites. However, because some sites are so big, it's more efficient for you to use the search engine provided right there, at the particular site you are interested in.

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9. Where can I get First Communion kits, crucifixes, or Bibles?

  • Try For Bibles, use the search engine; type in "New American Bible," "Catholic Bible," or "St. Joseph Bible." If you have a specific request, e-mail us [email protected] or call us (708) 331-5485. We are at your service.

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10. Where can I get mouse pads, stamps, business cards, or stationery, imprinted with my name or the name of my church?

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11. I want to charge my credit card over the phone. How do I do this?

  • Just call us at (708) 331-5485. If no one answers, you can leave the information needed on the answering machine. We need the name, phone number, email address (if any), and full address, including zip code of the person's name on the credit card. Please give us the name exactly as it is on the card. We also need the three digit card security code near the signature on the back of the card. If you want your order sent to someone else, please provide the full address of that person, including the zip code. Please also tell us what you are ordering. For example, if you want a subscription to the Leaflet Missal® prayerbook, please tell us if you want a one-year, a two-year, or a three-year subscription. A $5 handling charge will be added for any such phone order.

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12. Can I order online with my credit card ?

  • Sure. For the Leaflet Missal® prayerbook or Parish Liturgy® magazine, just go to ACP Publications (home page of American Catholic Press, link on the top of the page), then click in the left column on the link to "Subscriptions to ACP Leaflet Missal."

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13. Is your site safe for credit cards?

  • Yes, when you see the little padlock on the page, you know that you are at a secure site. You can freely provide credit card information, without worry.

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14. Can I email you the needed information ?

  • If you use our secure website, there's no problem; your data is safe. Regular email, however, is not. Since emails go through many computers on the way to their destination, there is a real danger of identity theft. If you use regular email, break up your personal data in, say, three, separate emails. Put your name and half of your number in the first mail, for example; put the second half in a second email. Put the expiration date and the card security code in a third email. That should work. Even better, send a fax to (708) 331-5484 or leave a message at (708) 331-5485.

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