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We trust these articles will be of use to you in your pastoral ministry. For your convenience, in general, these articles are presented in the same format, especially with regard to capitalization, orthography, and punctuation. Such editing is the custom in journals and similar publications.

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Through Christ Our Lord
Karl Adam
Christian Prayer and Song in a Post-Holocaust Church
Pronouncing the Name of God
E. Byron Anderson
Send Forth Your Spirit
Bishop Samuel Aquila, D.D.
On the Name of God
Cardinal Francis Arinze
On the Translation of Pro Multis
Cardinal Francis Arinze
Anointing with the Spirit
Father Gerard Austin, O.P.
Did Deacons Preach?
Father James Monroe Barnett
The Eucharist and Christian Initiation
Pope Benedict XVI
The 'Saginaw Blessing'
Bishop Robert Carlson
Age of Confirmation
Not a graduation rite, but a gift; and the
central event is the Eucharist
Msgr. Joseph Champlin
Normative Liturgy
Father Paul Colloton
Confirmation at the Age of Discretion
Bishop's Committee on the Liturgy
Introduction to the New Lectionary
Congregation for Worship
Pastoral Reflection on the Sacrament of Confirmation
Bishop Alvaro Corrada, S.J.
Confirmation: Let's Do It Right
Father John Dreese
Confirmation: Liturgy Checklist
Father Robert D. Duggan
Sacrament of Confirmation
Returned to Before First Communion
Jo Anne Flores Embleton
Confirmation, We Hardly Knew Ye
Father William Freburger
Pastors Should Stop Fooling Themselves
Father Charles Gallagher
What is God's Name?
Language in a New Lectionary
Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I.
The Bishop and His Deacons:
Reflections on the Directory for Deacons
Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I.
Commentary on Pope Benedict's
"The Eucharist and Christian Initiation"
Father Michael Gilligan
"Father Joncas Promotes New Translation
of the Mass: Reflections from Drury Lane"
Father Michael Gilligan
Father Michael Gilligan
Review of Various Editions
of the Sunday Lectionary

Father Michael Gilligan

I Am the Catholic Church
Father Michael Gilligan
Hymnody: Fostering the Faith, Age after Age
Father Michael Gilligan
Standing During Communion
Father Michael Gilligan
The Tetragrammaton
Father Michael Gilligan
The Deacon at Eucharist
Father Michael Gilligan
Liturgy and Devotions
Father Michael Gilligan
Use of Yahweh in Church Songs
Father Michael Gilligan
Ways of Worship, East and West
Father Michael Gilligan
The World We Live In
Bishop Wilton Gregory
Carpeting and Singing
Walter Holtcamp
Christian Initiation:
A Pastoral Perspective on Restored Order
Stella Marie Jeffrey
Christological Disputes and Their Influence
on the Liturgy
Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J.
Concluding Doxology of the Roman Canon
Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J.
The Eucharist
Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J.
Theology of Sacraments
Father Edward Kilmartin, S.J.
Trinitarian Ecclesiology
Father Edward Kilmartin, S.J.
Some Problems of Bible Translation
Msgr. Ronald Knox
Thoughts on Bible Translation
Msgr. Ronald Knox
How to Deaden Acoustics and Seriously Damage
Congregational Singing
Evan Kreider
Black Catholic Worship
Bishop Joseph Perry
Ours Is An Altar and a Pulpit!
Bishop Joseph Perry
Sacred Space:
A Place Where We Show God Respect
Bishop Joseph Perry
Motu Proprio on Sacred Music
Pope Pius X
Posture and Prayer
Father Frank C. Quinn, O.P.
Confirmation: A Bishop's Dilemma
Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Anamnesis, Not Amnesia:
The 'Healing Memories' and the Problem of 'Uniatism'

Father Robert Taft, S.J.
Mar Bawai Soro
Father Robert Taft, S.J.
Mass Without the Consecration?
Father Robert Taft, S.J.
Active Participation and Liturgical Translations
Bishop Donald Trautman
Celebrating Liturgical Renewal:
Its Successes and Future Challenges
Bishop Donald Trautman
How Accessible Are the New Mass Translations?
Bishop Donald Trautman
Liturgical and Biblical Texts for
The Third Millennium
Bishop Donald Trautman
The Quest for Liturgy
Both Catholic and Contemporary
Bishop Donald Trautman
Benedict XVI and the Sequence of the
Sacraments of Initiation
Father Paul Turner
Dirty Feet
Father Paul Turner
What You Can Learn from
African-American Liturgy
Father Anthony Vader
Church Music:
Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Archbishop Rembert Weakland, O.S.B.
Liturgical Renewal: Two Latin Rites?
Archbishop Rembert Weakland, O.S.B
Pro Vobis et pro Multis Effundetur
("For you and for the many is poured out")
Father Max Zerwick, S.J.


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