1992 ACP Hymnfest and Vespers

92 Hymnfest Choir
For the 1992 Hymnfest, December 11, a vicariate choir performs, made up of singers from various, local parishes in Vicariate VI. The Hymnfest takes place at St. Agnes Church, Chicago Heights, Illinois.

This parish was the first to adopt the The Johannine Hymnal, back in 1970.

Similarly, in 1992, St. Agnes was the first parish to introduce the successor to The Johannine Hymnal, the American Catholic Hymnbook.

Marian Catholic Brass Ensemble at the 1992 Hymnfest
Here, the Marian Catholic Brass Ensemble is augmented by Michael Chole, mandolin, and Kelly Ryan, flute. Above, from the left, are Michael, Kelly, Jay Michalek, Chris Kersten, Paul Sytsma, Paula Becker, Todd Tilton, and John Morrissey.

Mike Hay
Mike Hay, formerly professor of music at Niles College, directs both the choir and the orchestra, as well as the congregation. From the signed registry of this gathering, there are twenty-seven parishes represented, mostly from the southern suburbs of Chicagoland.

Katie Zagone, age 4
Everybody sings, young and old alike! Above is Katie Zagone, age 4.

Infant Jesus of Prague Contemporary Choir
Here, the Contemporary Choir performs, from Infant Jesus of Prague Church, Flossmoor. They sing I Lift My Soul, with the congregation. Above, from the left, are Larry Smith, Paula Eggert, Julia Collins, Kelly Ryan, and Joe Schulte, the director.

On their own, other parish choirs also perform this evening. For example, St. Florian's Choir sings Holy Father. St. Agnes' Choir sings In Bread that Is Broken.

Deacon Dave DesMarais bringing in Candle
Vespers begins with a brief service of light. While the church is in darkness, the procession enters in silence. Above, the deacon, Dave DesMarais, brings in the Easter Candle.

Deacon chanting song of praise for light, at Vespers
Facing the Easter Candle, the deacon chants a song of praise for light. At the end, the people answer Amen.

Deacon incensing clergy
Here, the deacon incenses the clergy. From the left are Father Bob Wielosinski, pastor of St. Agnes Church, Bishop Gregory, regional Vicar of Cardinal George, Father Michael Gilligan, and Dave DesMarais, deacon.

Deacon incensing the altar
During the Evening Psalm, the deacon incenses the altar.

Deacon incensing the congregation
The deacon goes among the congregation, incensing them as well.

Father Bob Wielosinksi, Bishop Gregory, Father Gilligan
Above, Father Wielosinski, Bishop Gregory, and Father Gilligan, during the recessional, at the end of Vespers. All three are singing Sunday Morning.

Above their heads is an Advent wreath, hanging from the ceiling. In the back, the rerodos has an image of St. Agnes, a teenage martyr from Rome.


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