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What is a trademark?

In general, trademarks are words, symbols, or a combination of both.  Trademarks serve to indicate who is the source of the goods or services, the owner.  In the case of the trademarks Parish Liturgy ® and Leaflet Missal ®, American Catholic Press is the owner. That little “r” in a circle indicates that each trademark has been registered with the federal government and is protected by the law. 

Our attorneys tell us that we should pass on to you some explanation of what a trademark is and why it should be protected.  There are some simple rules to follow, and we ask you to observe them. 

There are many currently generic names that were once trademarks:  aspirin, escalator, kerosene, mimeograph, monopoly, and thermos, for example.  These trademarks were lost as assets for the companies that developed the products in question.  People began to use the words as generic descriptions for the products, rather than a certain brand.  So, today, companies go to great lengths to obtain a trademark, to register it, and to protect it.  Considerable work, time, and money go into this effort, for good reason.  Like other owners of trademarks, American Catholic Press needs to maintain its brand identification, so that people recognize and appreciate each publication.  Your cooperation in this effort is much appreciated.  Here, then, are some easy norms, given us by our attorneys:

  • In both speech and in print, the trademark should always be used to modify the common descriptive name for the publication.  The trademark should always be an adjective, not a noun.  This is why you will see in our own catalogs the wording Leaflet Missal prayerbook and Parish Liturgy magazine.  In each case, the trademark modifies “prayerbook” or “magazine.”  These are the generic terms that are needed.  Of course, you could also say “Leaflet Missal subscribers” or “Parish Liturgy sermons.”  In those cases, the trademarks still function as adjectives; that’s what we need.

  • In printed materials, trademarks should be distinguished from other words.  The first letters of the words in each trademark must be capitalized.  It’s also good to use bold type, italics, or contrasting colors.  For the first or most prominent use of a registered trademark, the symbol  ® should be printed on the shoulder of the trademark.  That symbol does not have to be repeated later on.  You don’t have to use that symbol; but if you do, we appreciate it.  With word processors, if you don’t have the symbol, you can use “R” inside parentheses.
  • Trademarks should never be altered in any way; nor should they be used as a possessive. So, please never add an �s� or an ��s� to one of our trademarks.

For further information, if you wish, you can consult the United States Trademark Office. 
There are also many online resources, e.g.,,, http://intellectual,,,, and

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