1997 American Catholic Press Benefit

Now, for the first time, the ACP dinner is held at the Flossmoor Country Club, as a "Black Tie Optional" event.  This year, the recipient of the Gratiam Dei Award is David Hartigan. He is an attorney who, with Ed McGillen,  helped ACP with its legitimate exemption from property tax, for its newly-occupied building at State and Taft in South Holland.  His achievement is recounted and lauded in a Parable of Victory, proclaimed aloud at the gathering, September 13, 1997.  For hermeneutical help in understanding this story, please consult the Preface to a Parable.

Those present include five judges, three priests, two sisters, newly elected State Senator Debbie Halvorson, one law professor, and several Democratic leaders, notably President John Stroger, President of the Board of Cook County.  The guest speaker is Warner Saunders, chief newscaster of NBC, Channel 5.

Dan Ryan, Master of Ceremonies for the 1997 ACP Benefit
Dan Ryan, President of Suburban Federal Savings Bank, Master of Ceremonies for the 1997 ACP Benefit.

John Stroger, President of Cook County
From the left are Tom Conlon, Kevin Conlon, John H. Stroger, Jr., and Orlando Jones. Tom came in the stead of the Honorable Claudia Conlon. Kevin is head of the Rich Township Democratic Committee. President Stroger is Forest Preserve Commissioner and head of the Cook County Board. This photo is taken on the outside porch at Flossmoor Country Club, during the reception before dinner.

Les Wolf et al.
From the left are Lester & Joan Wolf, Steve & Pam Stock, and Kathy Thoren, all of Suburban Federal Savings Bank.

Loraine Collins, Wendy Loggins, and Eileen Mahoney
From the left are Loraine Collins, Wendy Loggins, and Eileen Mahoney. Loraine and Eileen are first cousins to Father Gilligan. Right behind Eileen are Lula and Calvin Cook. Wendy is Manager of Information Systems for ACP.

Carol Robinson, Felice Wyatt, Victoria Hand, and Tim Grossi
From the left are Carol Robinson, Felice Wyatt, Victoria Hand, and Tim Grossi. Victoria is the president of Washington Memory Gardens, Homewood. Felice is her sister; Tim is her husband.

Father Gilligan and David Hartigan
David Hartigan (right) receives the 1997 Gratiam Dei Award from Father Gilligan. His legal work ensured the survival of American Catholic Press.

In 1996, Mr. Hartigan was appointed President of the Catholic Lawyers' Guild. In 1993, the Illinois Supreme Court appointed him Chairman of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. This commission regulated the registration of ethical practice of law of all attorneys practicing in Illinois. He was re-appointed in December, 1994, for an additional three-year term. In June of 1988, he was appointed to be one of seven commissioners on the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

In 1982, the Honorable Frank McGarr, Chief Judge, appointed him to the District Admissions Committee for the Northern District of Illinois.

From 1971 to 1985, he was legislative consultant to the Catholic Conference of Illinois, which coordinated statewide activities for the six Catholic dioceses of Illinois. In this capacity, Mr. Hartigan's work was extensive, dealing with questions concerning schools, charities, hospitals, and cemeteries.

David Hartigan is a graduate of Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., and Loyola University Law School, Chicago.

Don & Christina Woo with Donna Kallemeyn
Here are Don & Christina Woo, with Donna Kallemeyn. Note the Channel 5 (NBC) banner on the wall, in the background. This banner is up there because of today's guest speaker, Warner Saunders.

Linda Koselke, Tony & Susan Romanovich
On the porch, from the left, are Linda Koselke with Tony & Susan Romanovich. Tony is a board member of American Catholic Press and was the first to recommend Warner Saunders as a guest speaker for this year's benefit.

NBC personnel
From the left are Pat Jackson, Loretta & Tom Powers, and Ken Jackson, all of NBC. In addition to Warner Saunders, guest speaker, there was a table of ten people from NBC, appropriately, table number five.

Judge Frank McGarr et al.
From the left are Margaret & Honorable Frank McGarr, with Suzanne Ryan, wife of Dan. Mr. McGarr was one of five judges at this benefit.

Judge Jacobius et al.
Among the many friends of David Hartigan, above, from the left, are Honorable Moshe Jacobius & Rita Jacobius, with Audrey & Art Murphy. This view is looking south, during the reception before dinner.

Professor Richard Michael, Mary Michael, and Father Matt Hoffman
Professor Richard Michael, Mary Michael, and Father Matt Hoffman. Professor Michael teaches law at Loyola University, where David Hartigan earned his law degree.

Kathleen Hartigan, Tina Soerio, and Mrs. George Garver
From the left are Kathleen Hartigan, Tina Soerio, and Mrs. George Garver, the Mother-in-law of David Hartigan.

Father Charles Kouba, Evie Hanson, Frank Termini
Father Charles Kouba sounds the xylophone, as a signal dinner is to begin. It is held by Evie Hansen. On the right, Frank Termini.

Rick and Donna Thiernau
Rick and Donna Thiernau were active members of the 1997 Benefit Planning Committee, preparing invitations, formulating plans, making contacts, working on the raffle and Silent Auction, and contributing items for the auction. Other active members were Jim & Joan Braden, Tony Romanovich, and Joan Termini.

John Hartigan, with Joanne & Judge Bob Krop
From the left are John Hartigan, Joanne Krop & Judge Robert Krop. John, a cousin of David, is head of his law firm. Before the conferral of the Gratiam Dei Award, Judge Krop reads a congratulatory letter from Governor Jim Edgar.

Tom Powers and Dan Ryan
Tom Powers (left) is happy to win the Grand Raffle prize: a vacation in Acapulco, donated by Jones & Cleary Roofing Company. Tom is director of broadcasting for NBC-TV. Dan Ryan, on the right, hands Tom a folder with travel instructions.

Father Matt Hoffman, singing grace before meals
After being introduced by Dan Ryan, in the back, Father Matt Hoffman sings grace before meals, to the tune of Edelweiss. After grace, he sings Santa Lucia, to the delight of those present.

Warner Saunders speaking
The highlight of the evening is an informative and stirring talk by the guest speaker, Warner Saunders, Chief Anchor of the evening newscasts for WMAQ-TV, NBC, Channel 5 in Chicago. He speaks on cultural diversity and social harmony.

Mr. Saunders has a history of twenty-seven years of broadcasting with distinction, being honored with two of Chicago's most prestigious awards in his field: a 1993 induction into the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame; and the Chicago Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' Silver Circle Award.

His 1990 series, Reports from South Africa, culminated in a compelling documentary, South Africa: What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

From 1983 to 1990, he hosted Warner, a News-Channel 5 public affairs talk show.

While a member of WMAQ-TV Sports Team, he made many original contributions. In 1986, the Associated Press named his entry "Best Sports Report." In 1984, he won the Media Award of the Chicago Association of Black Journalists.

A native of Chicago, Mr. Saunders is the winner of 16 Chicago Emmy awards in news and programming. He holds a BA from Xavier University, New Orleans, and an MA from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Warner Saunders and Father Michael Gilligan
The Word of the Lord brings joy to the heart.

Joyce, Tara, and Joseph Termini
Joyce, Tara, and Joseph Termini


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