So, Who Will Be There?

At an ACP Benefit, the most important individual is the guest, whose presence is always sincerely and gratefully appreciated. That's you.

Usually, we do our best to honor an individual (or a couple) for their outstanding, important work for the liturgy of the Catholic Church, the mission of the Church, or the common good. This individual receives the Gratiam Dei ("grace of God") Award in the course of the evening. We then sing Ad Multos Annos ("For many years").

Church leaders who have participated include Cardinal Francis George, Msgr. Jack Egan, Bishop Frank Kane, Bishop Demetri Kantzavelos, Bishop Ray Goedert, Bishop Iakovos, Bishop Jerome Listecki, Bishop Joseph Perry, and Bishop Wilton Gregory.

Father Michael Gilligan

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Topical entertainment has varied, from large choirs to a drama group to choreographed dance to a prominent sportscaster. Whatever it may be, we promise you it will be delightful.

Both staff of American Catholic Press and members of the board of directors are present to welcome you, to celebrate with you, and to answer any questions you may have. We are at your service.

Cardinal Francis George, speaking at ACP Benefit, on the Pro-Life theme.

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