1995 American Catholic Press Benefit

Now augmented by Bruce and Lynn MacLean, the benefit planning committee again schedules a dinner at Surma's Restaurant, for March 11, 1995.

After extensive negotiation in 1994, American Catholic Press left Seton Academy in February, 1995, and moved into a building of its own at State and Taft, still in South Holland.  This move meant new obligations, including renovation, maintenance, and a thirty-year mortgage; for these reasons, a benefit was welcome and appreciated.  

Termini Family
There are two tables for the Termini Family. Above, clockwise from the left, are Joyce & Frank Termini, Nalene & Ray, Lindsay, Sarah, Ariane, and Anthony.

Kate and Don Havey
Kate and Don Havey. Kate helped with preparation for the 1995 Benefit.

Chuck and Janet Tindall
Chuck and Janet Tindall. In the silent auction, Chuck won a bust of Pope John Paul II.

Dr. Dave & Phyllis Dunagan
Dr. Dave & Phyllis Dunagan

Kathleen & Michael Yukich, with Mary & John Perry
Kathleen & Michael Yukich, with Mary & John Perry. Michael is ACP's new marketing representative; John is our new man in accounts receivable/bookkeeping.

Father Ray Tillrock
Father Ray Tillrock, pastor of St. Barnabas Church, where John & Beth Havey grew up. Robert & Maderia Freeman, formerly of St. Felicitas, now of Holy Ghost, South Holland. Father Tillrock is a classmate of Father Michael Gilligan.

Lula and Calvin Cook
Lula & Calvin Cook, with Anne & Connor Loesch. Lula and Anne are both teachers. Connor is an ACP board member.

Molly and the Tinker
From 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Molly and the Tinker provide Irish music, from tin whistle to dulcimer, guitar to bodhran.

In another life, these two are Diane and Brian Leo of Mokena, Illinois.

Joan, Nancy, and Helen Havey. Helen is the mother of eleven children.
Joan, Nancy, and Helen Havey. Helen is the mother of eleven children.

Beth and John Havey
Beth and John Havey. Beth helped with decoration; John, with the silent auction.

Joan and Ed Walsh
Joan and Ed Walsh; Ed is ACP's accountant. Both Joan and Ed also helped select Surma's Restaurant and plan the benefit.

Jim Braden, Mary & Ed Leitelt
Jim Braden; Ed & Mary Leitelt

Rose Filter, Father Hoffman, and Pat Filter
Rose Filter, Father Matt Hoffman, and Pat Filter. At this moment, Father Hoffman is not singing.

Dandurand Family
From the left are Jeanette Dandurand, Jeff Dandurand, Dawn Shoemaker, and Carol Yukich, wife of Michael. Jeanette is a board member of ACP. Jeff is renovating our new building on State Street.

Dan Ryan at silent auction
At the Silent Auction, Dan Ryan announces and congratulates the winners. The basket in the background was donated to the auction by Mariellen Schackart. In the background, you also see John Havey, immersed in deep thought.

Dan is the president of Suburban Federal Savings, which recently helped out ACP with a loan for renovation and moving expenses.


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