1989 ACP Open House and Vespers

In December, 1989, the New World, a newspaper of the Archdiocese of Chicago, published an article on the move of American Catholic Press to Seton Academy.

Frank Termini (left) accepts first Gratiam Dei Award
In 1989, Frank Termini (left) accepts the first Gratiam Dei Award. He gave a kidney to his Mother, Joan, in 1987, extending her life by many years.

Joseph Laughlin, Communications Director, Archdiocese of Chicago
Mr. Joseph Laughlin, Communications Director, Archdiocese of Chicago, reads the first blessing, after the doxology, during Vespers. Since the early 1980s, ACP had been providing the Leaflet Missal to viewers of the Mass for Shut-Ins, sponsored by the Archdiocese.

Joan Termini reading second blessing
Joan Termini reads the second blessing.

Ray Deabel (left) incenses candle at beginning of Vespers
Deacon Ray Deabel (left) incenses the Easter Candle, at the beginning of Vespers. Father Michael Gilligan (right) presides, assisted by Deacon Joe Winblad. This liturgy took place in the chapel at Seton Academy in South Holland. On that occasion, ACP had an open house, to celebrate our new quarters, in the former convent of the high school.

Deacon Ray Deabel incensing congregation
Here, after incensing the Easter Candle, Deacon Ray Deabel is incensing the congregation.

Vespers Scripture reading
Father Ray Tillrock, pastor of St. Barnabas in Chicago, reads the short Scripture reading, the capitulum.

Vespers: People singing the Magnificat
The Magnificat is the last of the biblical songs: How Great Is God, from the Gospel of Luke. Sung to the tune of Amazing Grace, the Magnificat is sung by the whole congregation, spontaneously, in four parts. Remarkably, the people know their parts from memory.

Prayers of Petition at Vespers
Deacon Bill Van Dril now sings several petitions. The people sing the response to each petition: Lord, we beg you, hear our prayer.

Our Father at Vespers
At the conclusion of Vespers, all sing the Our Father together. Above, from the left, are Carolyn Van Dril, Frank Termini, Evelyn Deabel, Alice & Bob Sholeen, and Father Ray Tillrock.

Procession out of the chapel
Here is the procession to the ACP facilities, out of the chapel. From the left are deacons Dick Mauch, Bill Van Dril, Joe Winblad, Ray Deabel, and priests Joseph Cirou and Michael Gilligan. Ray Deabel carries the incense.

Procession through hallway
In procession through the hallway, from the left, are Joan Termini (carrying Kalley Loggins), Frank Termini (carrying the Gratiam Dei Award), Deacon Bill Van Dril, and Deacon Ray Deabel.

Blessing of ACP Facilities
For the blessing of the ACP Facilities, the people line both sides of the central hallway. In response to Psalm verses sung by Bill Van Dril, the people sing Lord, give success to the work of our hands. Above, from the left, you may recognize Al Kovach, Dan Ryan, and Tony Los.

Terry Mahoney
To the left, above, between the deacons, you can see Terry Mahoney.

Procession arriving in ACP Facilities
Here, the procession arrives at the ACP Facilities. Deacon Dick Mauch leads the procession, carrying the Easter Candle. Deacon Ray Deabel follows, carrying the incense. Deacon Bill Van Dril is in the doorway.

Reception at ACP
Here is the reception held in the meeting room at Seton Academy, after the blessing of the ACP Facilities.
Standing in the back, from the left, are Faith [Nardella] O'Brien, Tara Termini, and Frank Termini. In the front, from the left, are Terri and Joe Schulte. In the middle, seated, is Harold Homans, who had prepared some keyboard arrangements for ACP. He is now the music director for St. Jude Church, South Holland. In the lower right hand corner is Kim Mahoney, daughter of Jack Mahoney. In the back, by the open door, is Joan Termini.

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