1991 ACP Benefit Concert

St. Xavier University Choir
Here, the St. Xavier University Choir gathers before rehearsal. The concert is to take place March 10, 1991.

Cinda Moak-Forsyth
          Cinda Moak-Forsyth, singer

Greg Coutts, Choir Director
Greg Coutts, Choir Director and Professor of Music at St. Xavier's.

St. Xavier University Choir in conert
The St. Xavier University Choir includes, for example, Kathleen Yukich, Phil Switalski, and Amy Smith. Kathleen would later become music teacher at Noonan Academy in Mokena, Illinois. Phil and Amy would become music directors at St. Christopher's Church in Midlothian.

Mary Ellen Chesbro, Joan Termini, and Jeanette Dandurand
Mary Ellen Chesbro, Joan Termini, and Jeanette Dandurand, music director at St. Stanislaus, Posen.

Mahoney Family
Cathy, Terry, Kim, and Mark Mahoney

Dan Ryan, counting the money
As you can see, here Dan Ryan is happy to accept payments for the concert and to account for funds received. He is the president of Suburban Federal Savings.

Terri Schulte
Terri Schulte, in her booth for Gift Ministries, at the intermission of the Benefit Concert. Terri's booth was one of many, in the lounge at Seton Academy.

Termini Family
From the left are Ray, Nalene, Lindsay, Tara, John, and Marian Termini.

Cinda Moak-Forsyth, Wendy Loggins, Father Joe Cirou, and Joan Termini
From the left are Cinda Moak-Forsyth, Wendy Loggins, Father Joe Cirou, and Joan Termini

Lisa Targonski-Cisneros, flautist
Lisa Targonski-Cisneros, flautist, also performs. She is a faculty member of Seton Academy in South Holland, where the concert is held. Lisa is accompanied on the guitar by her husband, Carlos Cisneros.

St. Xavier University Choir with pianist
Above is the St. Xavier University Choir with Paul Matijevic, pianist. He is music director at St. Timothy's in Chicago.

St. Xavier Brass Chorale
Here is the St. Xavier Brass Chorale, under the direction of August Denhard. From the left are Bill Goula (trumpet), Maury Rhodes (trombone), Joseph Tumino (tuba), Father Tom Keeley (French horn), and Amy Moore (trumpet).

Audience applauding
The Seton Academy auditorium is well filled for the concert. Above, the people applaud.

Kalley Loggins, age 3
Kalley Loggins, age 3

Dan Ryan and Joan Termini
Dan Ryan and Joan Termini, at the reception desk outside the Seton auditorium. Dan is a director of American Catholic Press; Joan is manager.

Sam and Mary Jean Argento
Sam and Mary Jean Argento. Sam is a director of American Catholic Press.

Helen Silvia
From the left are Helen Silvia and the Nolans of Homewood.

Lula and Calvin Cook
Lula and Calvin Cook


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