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ACP’s inventory includes octavos / sheet music, song books, and recordings for listening, prayer and the liturgy
in a great variety of styles. On this page you can sample our octavos.


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Performance Notes: God is King is appropriate for festive occasions, such as Epiphany; Eastertime, including Pentecost Sunday; and the Feast of Christ the King. It is appropriate for the end of Ordinary Time (November) and the season of Advent (December). It is a stirring congregational hymn, in honor of God who comes as Lord.

The melody edition of the American Catholic Hymnbook provides God Is King in the key of E major; a guitarist can use a capo and play in the key of F, as in the accompaniment edition and in this arrangement.

Click on link for demo version: God is King

God Is King

Iris Zahara
text by Peter Rogalski
Robert Martz
[optional trumpet descant]



1993/5 - ACP Publications
0915866358 - TP
List Price $2.95


Performance Notes: The blessings before and after the Shema ("Hear, O Israel") are appropriate even if the Shema is sung outside of Lauds or Vespers.The congregation should join in the acclamation after each blessing, as usual. In traditional Jewish usage, the cantor sings the Shema once, and the congregation repeats it. In this setting, the Shema is sung four times. Of these settings, here are some options.

The first setting, sung twice, may be used anytime, especially at ordinary celebrations of Lauds or Vespers. The second setting can be used in addition, whenever an SATB choir is available; the melody is in the soprano line. Flute descant is also provided. The third setting may be treated as an SATB/Organ arrangement, with melody for TB(unison with the congregation).

Hear, O Israel

arranged by
Robert Kreutz


Click on link for demo version: Hear, O Israel


1992/07 - ACP Publications
091586634X - TP
List Price $2.95

Performance Notes: Whenever Psalm 25 is appropriate, I Lift My Soul can be sung at Mass as a Psalm after the First Reading, since the text is close to the biblical original. Other appropriate times are the Preparation of Gifts and after Communion. I Lift My Soul is effective for days of recollection, RCIA prayer sessions, penance services, and funerals. Since Psalm 25 is the traditional Psalm for Advent, I Lift My Soul would be appropriate on all four Sundays before Christmas.

In addition to the standard version of I Lift My Soul, the American Catholic Hymnbook provides two additional settings of this Psalm, especially adapted for funerals.

Click on link for demo version: I Lift My Soul

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I Lift My Soul
2 Part

text by Daniel Buck
Mark Downey
[brass settings]
Richard Wojcik
[organ accompaniment]



1992/5 - ACP Publications
0915866293 - TP
List Price $2.95


Performance Notes: In celebration of the Eucharist, appropriate songs are needed during Communion. The rite makes demands on repertory that are both practical and theological.

As in other songs for the Eucharist, the most appropriate hymns are directed to God through Christ. Holy Father is exactly such a hymn, in the spirit of the liturgy. The text is in accord with the nature of the Mass as a prayer offered to the Father. On the back page of this octavo, one verse of Holy Father is included with the original Polish words and a guide to phonetic pronunciation. The choir may wish to intersperse this Polish language verse with the English verses, especially in congregations where there are people of Polish descent.

Holy Father

arranged by
Mark Downey
text by Peter Rogalski


Click on link for demo version: Holy Father


1992/07 - ACP Publications
0915866285 - TP
List Price $2.95

Performance Notes: River of Glory is especially appropriate for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (the RCIA), during both Lent and Easter. The paschal character of the hymn reflects the emphasis of the preparation of the catechumens and the joy of the mystagogia. River of Glory is also appropriate for baptisms, confirmations, and other celebrations of life and grace.


Click on link for demo version: River of Glory

River of Glory

Dan Schutte
arranged by
Mark Downey
and Dan Schutte


1992/07 - ACP Publications
0915866269 - TP
List Price $2.95

Performance Notes: The tune, SHANNON, is originally known as VALE OF AVOCA or, less often, THE MEETING OF THE WATERS. This melody was one of the old Irish tunes recovered and made famous by Thomas Moore, the renowned Irish tenor, in the nineteenth century. The lyrical character of the music makes In Bread that Is Broken a song of deep feeling.

The hymn is especially appropriate for Communion, because the repeated refrain speaks of the theme of unity: "In sharing your supper, O Lord, make us one." It is also usually easier during this time for a congregation to sing a hymn with a repeated refrain.

Click on link for demo version: In Bread That Is Broken

In Bread
That Is Broken

Traditional Irish
Folk Song

arranged by
Mary Downey
text by Mary Ann O'Brien



ACP Publications
0915866307 - TP
List Price $2.95


Performance Notes: For Canticle of the Gift, the usual method of singing assigns the verses to the leader and the refrain to the people. The refrain is readily learned by heart and sung enthusiastically, especially during processions, for example, during the distribution of Communion. The large number of verses makes it possible to cover a relatively long peroid of time or perhaps to choose certain verses for seasonal or thematic reasons, which the tabulation below will explain:


    Click on link for demo version: Vocal-Canticle of the Gift
    Click on link for demo version: Instrumental-Canticle of the Gift

Canticle of the

Cantor and Congregation
for piano and guitar
with optional bass,
C instrument,
B flat instrument,
French horn
arranged by
Betty Pulkingham

Canticle of the Gift can be ordered in B minor or
A minor arrangement by Mark Russakoff.

2003/08 - ACP Publications
$2.95 Large Print

B minor 091586651X - TP

A minor 0915866501 - TP

    Performance Notes: The original Polish hymn is a song of adoration to Jesus Christ, in the Blessed Sacrament. Although eminently congregational, easy to sing, the tune is majestic and reverential. This song in English would be an appropriate processional hymn, for example, during the entrance of the clergy at the beginning of the celebration or during the Communion procession. In both cases, the simple refrain can readily be sung by the congregation, while the choir sings as many verses as needed. In this setting by Benjamin Gryk, the entire hymn, including the refrain, is sung by the choir. So, this arrangement could also be appropriate during the procession of the gifts and the preparation of the altar. The instrumental settings would be welcome on solemn festivals, for example, during the fifty days of Easter.

Father Most

Benjamin Gryk
Four Part Choir
with optional brass
and Percussion
text by
Peter Rogalski

Click on link for demo version: Father Most Holy


2004/06 - ACP Publications
0915866641 - TP
List Price $2.95

Performance Notes: The text in this composition is a setting of Psalm 89, in both Spanish and English. The motto of ACP Publications is Gratiam Dei in aeternum cantabo, literally. "The grace of God in eternity I will sing." This is a paraphrase of the first verse of Psalm 89, here Cantare alabanzas al Senor. The word "hesed" in Hebrew is variously translated as "grace," "kindness," "mercy," "loving kindness," "compassion," and other words. The original single, Hebrew work includes all those meanings.

As a musical entity, this composition would appropriately be sung anytime during the liturgical year. During the Eucharist, this setting could be effective as an opening song.

I Will Sing

Four Part Choir
arranged by
Noël Goemanne

Click on link for demo version: I Will Sing


2004/05 - ACP Publications
0915866536 - MM $2.95 Large Print



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River of Glory
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