Publishers of 'Leaflet Missal' move to new offices

By Mary Claire Gart


American Catholic Press (ACP), publishers of the Leaflet Missal and several hymnbooks, this month moved to new offices on the campus of Seton Academy, South Holland.

The move was celebrated Dec. 1 with Vespers and an open house at the new headquarters. Joseph Laughlin, director of the archdiocesan Office of Radio and Television, spoke at the celebration. Seton Academy has a chapel, used for Vespers on this occasion, in the same part of the complex as the new ACP facilities. The former convent at Seton is now used as a retreat center and for the ACP.

Joe Laughlin speaking at reception
Joe Laughlin speaks at the reception, after Vespers and the Blessing of the ACP facilities.

Formerly located in Oak Park, the American Catholic Press is known to thousands in the Chicago Archdiocese and 19 other dioceses for its large-print missalettes, which are used in both parishes in the homes.

According to executive director, Father Michael Gilligan, 13,000 shut-ins in the archdiocese use the missalette to follow the "Mass for Shut-Ins" which is telecast on Sundays on WGN-TV (Ch. 9). The missals, which include the weekday readings, are also used in several local parishes and at the Midway Airport Chapel.

Another 30,000 missalettes are sent other dioceses around the country. Printed in 12-point type, the Leaflet Missal is especially helpful to those with vision problems. It is published several times each year.

In order to accommodate people who are disabled, the Leaflet Missal is designed to keep page turning to a minimum. For example, the opening prayer for each Sunday Mass is printed immediately before the first reading. Except when necessary, the Scripture text is never interrupted by a page turn.

American Catholic Press also publishes the American Catholic Hymnbook under the direction of Jeanette Dandurand, music editor.

Dioceses using the Leaflet Missal for their TV Masss also receive Parish Liturgy, a magazine for those planning the weekly liturgies.

Shut-ins who live in the Archdiocese of Chicago may be put on the Leaflet Missal mailing list by writing to the archdiocesan Office of Radio and TV, P.O. Box 10925, Chicago, IL 60610.

For more information, call the American Catholic Press at (708) 331-5485.

[Reprinted from The New World, December 15, 1989, p. 19]


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