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The following letters are from parishes and dioceses who evaluated the Leaflet Missal® prayerbook. All letters are unsolicited and represent the opinion of the authors. Some of these letters may have been edited for reasons of style or space.


Dear Father,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy our association with the American Catholic Press. Our ministry is easy when we have people like yourselves to work with. Thank you and God bless you.

Pauline E. Armbrust
Palm Beach, Florida


Dear Father,

I appreciate your splendid service. The Leaflet Missal periodical has a fine, clear, easy-to-read print. The Masses are so arranged and ordered that the liturgy is easy to follow.

Father William H. Berdan, S.J.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Leaflet Missal, Nov/Dec


Dear Father,

Just a personal note to acknowledge how pleased I am with the way ACP conducts its business. My staff feels the same way.

Our use of your Leaflet Missal booklet began in 1984. Not once in all these years has there ever been cause for a complaint. Your people have treated our requests with wonderful friendliness and prompt action. The missalettes are always shipped on time and arrive in beautiful condition. Requests for additional copies are filled immediately.

Whenever a phone call is made to your office, we can be assured of a smiling voice on the other end. Whoever answers the phone always leaves us feeling that you really care about our concerns and will address them quickly.

I feel that the services you offer should be acknowledged and that you and your people should be made aware of how grateful we are for your warmth and professionalism.


Leaflet Missal, Xmas/Jan

Father Michael Dimengo
Cleveland, Ohio


Dear Father Gilligan:

I want you to know that we studied all available missalettes for a year; we did as thorough a job as we could. Of them all, we chose the Leaflet Missal prayerbook because of the way you present the Responsorial Psalm, in the Liturgy of the Word at Mass. We like the diversity of the refrains, as well as the music itself. On a festive occasion, for example, we might choose one refrain; on an ordinary Sunday, a simpler refrain. At our parish we have many cantors, and we want the Responsorial Psalm to be done well. Thank you for the Leaflet Missal service. We like it.

Father Gregory Dobson
Olean, New York


Dear Father,

I am glad to endorse wholeheartedly your service and would be glad to share our positive experience with any prospective subscriber.

George Fournier
Orlando, Florida


Dear Father,

We have used the Leaflet Missal prayerbook for many years. We've always liked it for the ease of use and readability. The large print makes it easy for our parishioners to read along - especially since most of our people are elderly. We also have many daily Mass goers and they appreciate being able to follow along with the daily Psalm. We have only the Leaflet Missal booklet to choose hymns from for our Masses, so I appreciate the care you take in picking out the hymns in each issue. It makes it a lot easier for me to schedule hymns with each liturgy.

Leaflet Missal, Feb
Mrs. Nancy Krueger, Organist
Perham, Minnesota


Dear Father,

I have been organist and cantor at our parish for about twenty years now. In all that time, we have used the Leaflet Missal service; and we love it. For example, the Latin Sanctus and Agnus Dei are good for Advent and Lent, as well as funeral Masses. Our church is more traditional, and this fits in well.

Albennia Ladieu
Nashville, Tennessee


Dear Friends,

I have used the Leaflet Missal prayerbooks for years; all that time, they were a pleasure both for the people and for myself. You cannot know how much benefit they derived from its daily use. To a person, they always commented on the ease of using the booklet, its readability, and the general, overall working format of the Leaflet Missal missalette. I wish to commend you for your efforts in continuing to serve the Catholic people of this country. I pray your efforts may grow and prosper. God bless you.

Father E. J. McKanna
Minot, North Dakota

Leaflet Missal, Lent


Dear Ms. Loggins,

After the Parish Advisory Board and Liturgy Committee of Sacred Heart Community did an evaluation of available missalettes, we elected to change to your Leaflet Missal service.

There were several reasons we had that I thought you would want to know. First, we wanted to eliminate the need for people who read along to have to turn the page during the reading. Second, the selection of music in your missalette is closer to the style of music the community wants. Third, the cost of the missalettes ordered through American Catholic Press will save us approximately $200 annually.

We are also including a list of members of our community who are unable to be a part of our celebrations, because they are elderly or homebound. It is our understanding that they will receive a copy of the Leaflet Missal prayerbook. We wish to thank you for considering these valuable members who have been incapacitated in various ways. While our special ministers of the Eucharist visit most of these people, now they will be able to follow along or read the Word and other parts of the liturgy on their own. We want them to feel that they are a closer part of our community.

Msgr. Edward Missenda, Pastor
Crosby, Texas


Dear Father,

It would be great if all churches used the Leaflet Missal service, instead of those other missalettes that are hard to follow. Most of the time, you see parishioners sitting with the missalettes in their hands, doing nothing. Not so with the Leaflet Missal prayerbook.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Mitchell
Elmhurst, New York


Dear Father,

The Leaflet Missal prayerbook has been specially designed for the elderly and/or handicapped. The text is in large, bold print. This missalette is laid out so that prayers, readings, and acclamations begin and end on the same page.

Leaflet Missal, May/June

This is very helpful for those who have difficulty with hand mobility. Thank you for your assistance.

Deanna Sobczak
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Dear Father,

Our parish has switched to your Leaflet Missal service for use in our church. Our parishioners and pastoral staff are so pleased with the Leaflet Missal prayerbook, that I wanted to write and express our satisfaction.

We have found that the Leaflet Missal prayerbook is so much more readable than other publications. The large print, highly visible hymn numbers, easy-to-follow double column format for readings and Eucharistic prayers, and general darkness of print make for a very pleasing and easy-to-use publication.

Further, the choice of hymns has pleased our musicians and people. The music is familiar to the people and they respond so much more readily. Our participation in the liturgy has picked up noticeably since the introduction of your Leaflet Missal prayerbook.

Thank you for such an excellent assist to our parish's devotion. I heartily recommend it.

Leaflet Missal, July/August
Rev. Sine Nomine, Pastor
Woodridge, Illinois


Dear Father,

For the past ten years, we have been using the Leaflet Missal service. We are especially pleased that the size of print is larger than other missalettes.

Catherine Phillips, Music Minister
Holbrook, Arizona


Dear Father,

Just a note to tell you again how much I love using the Leaflet Missal prayerbook. The notes on the 1st page giving the themes for the month are most helpful in preparing for Mass. I try to read the whole Sunday Mass through the night before and again at Mass. I particularly love having the Psalm written out in full as I can barely understand it when it is sung sometimes! Let's face it we are not all Met opera singers.

Leaflet Missal, September/October

Some of our choir members don't enunciate. I feel so much beauty of the Scripture is lost to the congregation. And in our church, if one or two children are crying I can hardly hear the gospel read! So thank you for giving me the opportunity to "read" along with the readers and the priest. Thank you again for a most excellent publication! Even the prayers on the back are beautiful and timely.

Jenny Quinn
Utica, Michigan


Dear Father,

We have been subscribing to the Leaflet Missal prayerbook for over ten years. We have found it to be very informative and easy to follow.

Barbara Vitale
Yonkers, New York

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