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A Collage of Photos

Quigley 1961 Reunion
August 18, 2016

The Quigley graduating class of 1961 met at Midlothian Country Club, in part to honor the faculty we were privileged to have. At the dinner, they were acknowledged as role models and as excellent teachers. Jon Nilson said grace before meals. After dinner, we gathered around them and sang God Bless America. We remain in their debt.
Quigley 1961 Reunion
Above, from the left, standing are Jon Nilson, Jack Gleason, Dan Farrell, Don Pienkos, and Mike Gilligan. Seated is Father Martin Winters.
Quigley 1961 Reunion
Above, standing are Fathers Bill Sheridan and John Nicola. Seated are Fathers Bill Flaherty and Martin Winters, Mr. Tom Kleeman, and Bishop John Gorman.

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