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American Catholic Hymnbook Reviews

American Catholic Hymbook
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Something New
A review by Father Mark Boyer. Reprinted from The Mirror.

There are a lot of things that cross my desk in a day's time--news releases, brochures, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, and books. One book which caught my attention recently was the American Catholic Hymnbook.

While there are many hymnals on the market--all of which are good--the sample copy from ACP is best described as a collection. Its over 500 pieces represent composers from Johann Sebastian Bach to Iris Zahara. The collection represents what is old and new and what falls in between in hymnody.

The book contains songs from various ethnic traditions for . . . . more

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American Catholic Hymnbook
A review by Thomas Day, Professor of Music, Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island. Reprinted from The Hymn: A Journal of Congregational Song, Volume 46, no. 1.

Another "book of song" for Roman Catholics in the United States? The field is already very crowded with competitors. Into this competitive and risky market American Catholic Press, a non-profit company, has bravely entered with American Catholic Hymnbook (ACH).

The competitors already in the market have staked out their territory and are prepared to challenge ACH or any other contender who enters this crowded space. What qualities will distinguish . . . . more

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American Catholic Hymnbook
A review by Seamus McCormack [From Sligo, Ireland]

I teach both hymns and traditional Irish music. I am also involved with the choir at our local parish church. The American Catholic Hymnbook is an excellent publication, especially in the way the indexes group the hymns. This simplifies the sourcing of topics. The musical arrangements are excellent.

I have found particularly appealing the Responsorial Song, "0 Christ, You Are King," based on Och ochon! and "You Favored, 0 Father," based on Ar Eireann Ni Neocainn Ce Hi.

This book is among the best I have encountered. It's invaluable!

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Liturgy Planner says the American Catholic Hymnbook is "A delight to the eye, a joy to the heart, a blessing for the spirit"
A review by Robert Prestiano, Ph.D., Department of Art and Music, Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas. Reprinted with permission from the Liturgy Planner, Liturgy House Publications, Portland, Oregon.

It is not often that one finds a Catholic hymnal that is versatile enough to appeal to almost every need of a contemporary parish. Such a hymnal is the American Catholic Hymnbook. This hymnal is distinguished by its fine binding, clear printing, and expressive illustrations.

One striking feature of this hymnal is its . . . . more

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Read what the National Association of Pastoral Musicians' newsletter had to say about the American Catholic Hymnbook:
A review by Barbara Ryan. Reprinted with permission from the Newsletter of the Director of Music Ministries of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.

The American Catholic Hymnbook, edited by the Reverend Michael Gilligan, is a successor to The Johannine Hymnal and an attractive contribution to the parish music scene. Representing composers from Bach to Zahara, and offering selections from chant to the very contemporary, it contains more than 600 individual musical items, most of which would be useful in the average parish. If you are looking for . . . . more

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American Catholic Hymnbook
A review by D. DeWitt Wasson. Reprinted from The American Organist.

There is wide diversity among the hymn tunes. Among contemporary tunes are [those] by the St. Louis Jesuits, Taizé, Landry, Colgan, Gelineau, Joncas, Haugen, Haas, Wise, and others. There are ten Irish, eleven Polish, five Asian, and thirteen Eastern European hymn tunes. There are at least eight songs that speak of the sanctity of human life and at least 28 hymns on the dignity women deserve. This successor to The Johannine Hymnal should find a ready acceptance in Catholic parishes.

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