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American Catholic Hymnbook Review

American Catholic Hymbook

Something New
A review by Father Mark Boyer. Reprinted from The Mirror.

There are a lot of things that cross my desk in a day's time--news releases, brochures, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, and books. One book which caught my attention recently was the American Catholic Hymnbook.

While there are many hymnals on the market--all of which are good--the sample copy from ACP is best described as a collection. Its over 500 pieces represent composers from Johann Sebastian Bach to Iris Zahara. The collection represents what is old and new and what falls in between in hymnody.

The book contains songs from various ethnic traditions for the entire liturgical year. There are acclamations for Masses with Children, and music for use with Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction, Funerals, Morning and Evening Prayer, RCIA, Penance Services, and more.

Inclusive language is used throughout the book along with interspersed explanations, such as "Why God Is Called 'Father'" and notes and outlines of various services. The hymnal is fully indexed according to psalmody, the titles of songs, the first lines of songs, and themes, such as Advent, Christmas, Communion, etc. An index unique to this book is the hymn of the day, a song which is recommended for its theme which parallels that of the Scriptures for all three Sunday cycles of readings and for all solemnities.

The standard Leaflet Missal prayerbook, which is printed in large type, comes in giant print letters. It is ideal for use by the homebound, who may watch Mass on TV or listen to it on the radio.

ACP publishes a quarterly, Parish Liturgy magazine, a companion for the Leaflet Missal prayerbook and the American Catholic Hymnbook. It contains a few feature articles on the liturgy and planning ideas and notes for Sundays, especially providing acclamations for the third form of the Penitential Rite, a list of [petitions for the Universal Prayer], and a summary of the readings.

Parishes with choirs might have an interest in the American Catholic Choral Series, a variety of musical selections set in four-part harmony. Each pamphlet contains performance notes and some information about the composers.

To order, go directly to our site, ACP Publications.




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